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Beep Test Tips for the Apps

Why can't I hear the beeps or voice?

Make sure your device is not set on silence and that voice is set to ON in the app settings.

What is the "subtract 0.3" option

As a general rule when conducting the beep test you can miss one beep as long as you catch up by the next beep. So the test should be stopped on the second missed beep in a row.

The display shows the stage and marker you are heading towards but not yet achieved. i.e. it initially shows 1.1 meaning you are current heading to stage 1 marker 1.

So by missing 2 beeps the app reduces the score by 0.3 (3 markers) because what is displayed is actually 3 more markers then what was achived. i.e. 2 missed beeps and the one the marker ahead.

Some people however prefer just to stop the test and record the stage they are on. That is why we leave this as an option.

What are the Beep Test timings used in the apps?

The timings that can be used in the app include.

  • Australian Sports Commission 20m Beep Test
  • Australian Defence Force
  • British National Coaching 20m Bleep Test
  • Victorian Police Beep Test
  • 15 metre Bleep Test

Note: that these timings can be switched but the data will be lost if done so as it is not comparing apples with apples.

Beep Test Tips on the exact timings and which version should you choose if covered in more detail on our info page.

Can I add results manually?

Yes, in the Beep Test Trainer and Beep Test Team Trainer versions of the apps you can store results. Sometime you miss the stop button or conduct the test elswhere and want to record the result. It is easy as clicking the + button on the top of the results screen.

Beep Test Tips on the Training Guide

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We want to help people and spread the word about this site and our apps. So it is a win win.

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